Tuesday, January 29, 2008


a sampling of the yellow we found around the house today...to see the origin of this color hunt and find other participants visit "under the polka dot tree"...this wasn't my idea...i just jumped on the band-wagon since it sounded like a good one!

~one of the plates on the kitchen wall~


~mugho's ball~

~elizabeth's curious george top--incidentally, this is also her current favorite toy!~

~Kate's block and giraffe (and oh so many other giraffes we seem to have at our house!) and, of course, a school bus...a small replica of the big school bus that Elizabeth loves to watch out the window each morning!~

~finally...Elizabeth...dressed in yellow for "yellow day"~


Amy said...

I love the idea of doing a hunt like this. I've been trying to teach Lilla her colors and maybe this would help it out...hmmm...

Leslie said...

so fun... love it, we also dressed RY in the color for today. But then she spit up all over it.. ughhh oh the joys.

We have the yellow block too, I already photographed it for color day...

btw.. the house isn't that peacefull lately... this color hunt has turned it upside down... trying to get it back in order

Anonymous said...

The brownies sound DEElish! They come in a box you say? I'll have to look for those :)
YAY for pooping in the potty!!!!!!!! Congratz!!!
I'm loving the colors today! Can't wait to see the rest of the week's :)