Monday, January 28, 2008


Inspired by fairlight at "Under the Polka Dot Tree" Elizabeth and I went on a "pink hunt" while Kate was napping this morning. With two little girls in the house, there is definitely no lack for pink things! In the fifteen minutes Elizabeth's attention lasted, she found lots of pink toys and such hiding around the house! they are! (I will note that she kept insisting that Kate's shirt was pink and we should go take a picture of that--BUT mommy decided to let the sleeping baby remain in her crib uninterrupted by a noisy big sister and camera!)

~she chose pink "bows" for her piggy-tails~

~one pink flamingo~

~one pink ball--you have to love this expression~

~pointing out the pink ribbon on the flower~

~pink treasures...a pink monkey, a pink rubber ducky (her newest "treasure"...i picked it up for 40 cents at bath and body works, and she has been dragging it with her ever since...and especially enjoying washing the ducky's "hair" in the bathtub!), one pink shoe, a pink flamingo, Kate's pink teether toy, and one pink ducky phone....and, of course, the little girl who "pinked" these things out!

Just the snippets of 15 minutes of our Monday morning. Tomorrow I will be back with our ten smiles...and perhaps some snapshots of our Tuesday color hunt--yellow! We have enjoyed ourselves in the past days...especially having daddy home Saturday and Sunday after a LONG week at work. Here's what we've been up to....
Going through my scrapbook stash and reorganizing it in its new "home"--the massive drafting desk Mike got for free when his office moved and surprised me with at Christmas! Now I just need to get some pictures printed and start actually working on a book of Kate's first year!
A play-date at the bounce place
A warm and comforting pot of ham and bean soup for a C-H-I-L-L-Y evening!
Visiting grandma and grandpa at Me-Maw's house Saturday morning...where we were blessed with the gift of clothes, clothes and more clothes for the girls (thanks grandma and grandpa!)
Working the church nursery
An impromptu visit from Uncle Dennis and Caitlyn (and Kaida--Uncle Dennis's big dog...and, of course, Elizabeth and Mugho were delighted by this!)
A batch of ghiradelli brownies...topped with melted Andes mints
Sorting, sorting, and more sorting...while daddy and the girls snoozed yesterday afternoon I finally made some sense of our boxes of clothes Elizabeth has outgrown (the one's "in waiting" for Kate!) and the hand-me-downs a friend has passed on...taking stock of what we have and what we need so I can capitalize on end of the season clearance for both girls. I definitely wouldn't call myself "organized" by any stretch of the word...but I LOVE doing stuff like this
Last, but not least...snuggling, giggling, smiling, running, playing, dancing, singing, talking, reading, knitting, sewing, eating "rock soup"--Elizabeth's culinary masterpiece, tucking girlies in bed, splashing in the tub...and the list goes on...


Anonymous said...

What a cute little girl in piggy tails! And, what a wonderful, exceptional, creative Mommy to come up with a 'pink hunt.' What better way to teach that not everything is green! HA! (If you ask Elizabeth what color something is, she normally always answers "green") I am so very proud of how my fantastic daughter is raising my beautiful, smart, precious grand daughters! Love you all! Grandmommy

Shanna said...

Blah! I had a whole comment filled in here ... then Blogger burped and it was lost.
Sooo...thanks for posting this! I had fun finding pink - too bad we missed yesterday's white hunt but I look forward to getting the rest of the week's colors up!

Leslie said...

SO cut Amanda, loved seeing the stuff you and Elizabeth found... She is getting cuter all the time...

diashermosos said...

What a cute little model you had showing off all the pink in your house:) And how exciting that you have a new home for your craft stuff! You will have to post pictures when you get it all set up. I think something warm is in store for us tonight too. It has been mighty chilly here as well.

Linda said...

What a fun little game. I was so excited to see you had moved to blogger. Your Wonder-Wife's space was the first "blog" type that I ever visited over a year ago and I have tried to leave comments before but was never able to. I feel like I know your sweet family You were very early into your second pregnancy when I started visiting and have checked in at least once a week ever since.
I look forward to visiting again.