Friday, January 11, 2008

every little body...

...needs a little table (and some chairs to match!)

THANKS BIG BAPA AND GREAT GRAMMY! What a special Christmas present for our little girls! Grandmommy came over today and delivered this terrific table. Kate might need a little bit more time to grow into her chair...but Elizabeth had a blast coloring, snacking, and just plain enjoying a table sized just right for her.

Anyway...we've had a hectic week. Mike has had to work LOTS of hours...and by lots I mean, like until midnight last night. The girls and I have just been hanging out...but really, could life ever be "mundane" in our house. Of course not! This week its been Mugho. Poor obvious pain, but we couldn't figure out what, and day by day we were getting more concerned. So yesterday afternoon I found myself packing up the girls and the dog and heading to the, fun...just picture me trying to cart Kate in her carseat (mind you...Kate is no longer what you would call "light"), Mugho on his leash, and hold onto Elizabeth's hand as we tried to make our way in the door. And, of course, they had "squeezed" us in...with the promise that the wait wouldn't be long since I was bringing two little ones...(I do really like our vet...really...not trying to complain)...but, of course, the rest of the world apparently needed to be "squeezed" in at the same time. They did quickly get me into the exam room...which is precisely when I noticed that in my haste to leave the house my shirt and pant most definitely did not match. But by then I was really beyond goal, keep Kate from crying, Elizabeth from trying to chase a quite pained Mugho around a tiny exam room. And did I mention that it was also dinnertime for Elizabeth...he he! Anyway...we did survive...and found that Mugho's pain has something to do with his jaw...though they can't be sure what until they put him "under" to do some dental work next week. Poor guy...but at least we know that is the root of his general weirdness and skittishness this week...I, for one, was starting to fear that Elizabeth had hurt him or something.

And that, dear friends, is a "slice" of our week. Fortunately daddy has tomorrow off, so we will be enjoying a three day weekend....complete with a trip to the bounce place and perhaps even a date for Mike and I. My mom was over today, and we were able to get several projects felted (I'll post pictures soon), and conveniently my new glasses came in and I was able to run and get them while she stayed with the girlies. On top of that I feel like I/we have really come to a breakthrough point in discipline with Elizabeth...and I am feeling quite hopeful and encouraged in that realm. On that note, I'm off to spend some time with the fam!


Amy said...

I so understand, our dog had a serious issue last week...maybe I'll post about it. Oh, so horrible! Eeeeek!

Cute table. Lilla has one too. The table and chairs have animals on it. Adorable. We were fortunate to find it on clearnance last year at Babies R' Us.

Anyway, to answer your question, I made it with Photoshop. And you have to make pictures smaller, which I do on photobucket. Oh, why does it have to be so complicated? LOL

Anyway, welcome to blogger!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do publish all my posts via Windows Live Writer. But I'm not sure what you're asking when you refer to the FTP server?
One thing you may want to consider is shrinking your picture file sizes before you post. I like to do that on my photography site just so that the original files aren't useable for printing (ie stealing). But I do use the WLW for adding images too...eek I hope I answered your question...I'm afraid I didn't...let me know ;) Glad to see you here at any rate!

Anonymous said...

By the way...I really like the blue layout - very nice ;)