Thursday, February 7, 2008

the museum

Capturing our visit to the museum with grandmommy and poppy last can tell just how much fun we had!

riding on the carousel...can you tell kate LOVED it!

elizabeth creates a GIANT potato head
our own little tea party
lovin' on george!
taking a trip down the slide and talking to george on the phone

somebody LOVES her poppy

measuring the dino bones

watching the "choo choo"
building the glass tower...with some help from poppy
all packed up and ready to head home


Anonymous said...

Yay...looks like all kinds of fun for kids and adults alike!

Rebecca said...

that children's museum looks like a ton of fun!! girls have a poppy as well :)

lolly lisa said...

I remember visiting that same museum many years ago...
Looks like fun was to be had by all!