Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ten smile tuesday....

How wonderful to reflect on some smiles today. I find that over the past couple days I've had lots of "those moments"...you all know what I mean. Moments where I feel lonely or discouraged for no apparent reason...just the "blahs". Sitting down to type up my smiles helps me to renew my attitude and recognize all that we are blessed with.

1. Best buds...caught this picture of Kate and Mugho hanging out just this afternoon. Kate had been reaching out to pet Mugho and was so fascinated by the feeling of his fur...you could just see the wheels-a-turnin'.

2. Our bag FULL of elephant, lion and zebra books from the library. Elizabeth is running around making elephant sounds and roaring like a lion. We've found several "favorites" to add to our list of newly discovered great books....I promise to post our list soon!

3. More crafty time...I'm getting ready to felt the purses for Mike's family this evening...made a sock monkey last night (I'll post a picture once I get his nostrils and mouth sewed on!)....and just whipped up some baby shower gifts while the girls were napping. I'm finally learning to just find "manageable" (ie. smaller!) projects that I can finish in a hour or so!

4. Having some time with my hubby after the girls are in bed...how wonderful to have both girls going to bed at 8...giving Mike and I some time to simply be together.

5. Elizabeth's new favorite saying "love that mama!"...said in regards to just about anything....the commercial, Kix cereal, daddy, her sock monkey, library books. She gets this serious look on her face and starts nodding her head, and sometimes it comes out, "I'm lovin' that mama". I could go on and on about all the things she is "saying" these days...chattering from morning to night...stringing out sentence after sentence...singing right along with her music....talking to her animals...our little chatterbox. (And Kate isn't too far behind...our little "noise-maker"!)

6. Some delightful time with friends this morning during our visit to the children's museum. Even better that it wasn't crowded at all (perhaps because the weather was supposed to be bad...then again, could be that everyone in the state of Indiana seems to be sick!). Personally I think we also ALL loved getting out...after being cooped in the house with colds and icky weather.

7. Our professional "sitter"...this is Kate's favorite position lately. Last night I had such a great time watching Elizabeth and Kate "play"...Kate was sitting on the floor, and Elizabeth was sitting right in front of her...handing her toys, talking to her, singing....how special that they have each other!

8. Picking out a paint color for our front room....I think I mentioned the shelves we found on clearance in last week's smiles...baby steps...someday soon we will actually buy the paint, put it on the walls, and hang the shelves....someday!

9. Girl Scout cookies...gotta love 'em!
10. Sink time...definitely the most efficient way to get baths done these days (with Mike working lots of overtime!). Elizabeth loves to climb up on the stool and "help". You've gotta love the smile--this girlie LOVES bathtime!
I'll try to post some pics of Elizabeth soon....for some reason everything on my camera this week is of Kate. (Then again, I can't feel too badly...as the first child Elizabeth has had plenty of time in the spotlight!)


lolly lisa said...

Oh yes, we can all relate to the "Blah" days and your smiles bring joy to all of us!
I love girl scout cookies, and picking out paint, and baths in the kitchen sink...

Rebecca said...

enjoyed your smiles..and can definitely relate to the "blah" days! funny that you made a sock monkey...i just bought stuff to make a couple this weekend. i also got stuff to make those adorable baby shoes as well..among other projects!
also, i wanted to let you know jonathan got a full time job finally! he starts on monday! i'll post more on my blog later this week.

Amy said...

I know what you mean about the blahs. Since we've been sick and stuck in the house I have a seriously bad case of them right now. Fortunately we are all on the mend and just counting down the days until Spring. (That's 24 by the way!!)

I'm glad you had a good time at the museum, we always do! Although, I have to admit, I'm going to be a little gunshy for awhile until flu season blows over!!

diashermosos said...

You certainly have a nack for capturing the sweetest moments with your camera. I'm so glad you've been finding time to craft. It can certainly be stress relieving! And we are looking for paint colors with you:) Somthing a little different for the color of my kitchen, I'm just not sure what it will be yet... Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Shanna said...

Kate is TOO cute in your sink and I love Elizabeth's new saying LOL :)