Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ten smile tuesday

wow...tuesday once again. as i shared in sunday's post...our week has been filled with a large number of church events....dessert nights, prayer services, and on and on...what a huge blessing, as they have just refreshed my heart and my focus. life just goes better when my eyes are off of myself and on my Lord. anyway...here are some smiles from our week.

1. orange drop cookies...find the delish recipe on andrea's site (these are SO good..you really should try them!)

2. this site...seriously, can there be anything more precious than daddy reading bedtime stories with his two girls.

3. being a winner in fairlight's "pay it forward"....keep watching for more details, because as part of the deal i will be "paying it forward" to some of my faithful blog reading friends!

4. celebrating God's faithfulness at our all church prayer service saturday evening...and seeking what the next steps are for our church. it is an exciting time. even better, round two of the prayer and worship night tomorrow night...how refreshing!

5. our delightful playdate with our MOPS table this morning...elizabeth got to expend some energy playing with all the other kiddos, and i had some time to sit and knit while enjoying some chat-time with the other moms (who were also working on the crafty project of their choice).

6. a wonderful MOPS meeting...focused on decorating (particularly kid's spaces...but it inspired me more to think of our downstairs...i feel like i've spent lots of time in our room and the girl's rooms...). i discovered uppercase living...a pampered chef-ish business...but related to decorating. i think you have to contact a consultant for full details and access to their site, but check it out at http://www.uppercaseliving.com/

7. making another little pair of shoes for kate...i'm just loving this pattern...simple, cute, and so many options. i don't know if you can tell in this picture, but i actually embellished the bottoms with a decorative stitch...so precious! even better, they actually stay on her feet (and hold those elusive socks on as well!).

8. fellowship with our "crew"...a fab dinner at our "usual" spot (a delish mexican restaurant we typically end up at)...make-your-own pizza afternoon after church sunday...the time together at Bible study, dessert night, prayer service and so on...

9. elizabeth's new fascination with "clipping"...at our flock group friday night she had her first experience with scissors (supervised, of course...no horror stories here!) and LOVED it....yesterday at target i found the CUTEST pair of safety scissors...shaped like a duck, and even better, they quack when they open and close! how cute is that! she used them to make daddy a valentine yesterday!

10. a clean check-out for our little kater at her 6 month appointment friday...she topped the scales at 17 lbs. 7 oz....almost the same weight elizabeth was at her 9 month appointment. gotta love our "little" chunky monkey...no wonder those 6 month clothes were starting to seem tight! :)


lolly lisa said...

Lots going on, huh? I love those shoes and seeing story time!
And I am so excited to have won also, though I am a bit nervous - I am not very crafty!!! I guess I should have thought of that before I signed up.......
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Leslie said...

so fun.. so fun so fun.

and serioulsy can you believe Ry was 21 lbs 8 ounces at 9 months.. she is so not my peanut anymore.

Rebecca said...

great smiles!! hope you have a fabulous valentine's day!

Amy said...

First of all, the 6 month pictures of Elizabeth are so stinkin' cute they brought tears to my eyes. I love that age, so much fun! Secondly, we just went to the museum too and had a blast. Unfortunately I think we picked something up there because Lilla and I have been sicker than dogs since this weekend. Oh, good times at the germ house! Congrats on your win! Oh, and I am so interested to hear who the candidate for lead pastor is at CPC. Is it a current person in the body? Hope things are well with you, sounds as though they are. Oh, and adorable shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day!!
Lovin your 'Smiles' today :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you liked the cookies too:)

Anonymous said...

The shoes are adorable! I really like the added touch of the embellishment on the bottom. I'm glad you are finding the pattern useful.