Sunday, February 10, 2008


since i'm sure you wanted to know what i "whipped up" this's a glimpse!

found a pattern for these sweet little baby shoes online and had to try! for less than $10 i purchased enough material for 4 or so pairs, the elastic, and even some leather for the soles (of course, no need to use that on these little pre-standing/walking pairs). sure beats the price of a pair of robeez...and this way i can have all kinds of fun colors and designs!

anyway...we went to church this morning and heard a wonderful sermon from the man who is "candidating" to be the new lead pastor at our church (a story in and of itself...bottom line...God is so incredibly faithful...our church has been through a long year of painful, strugglish (i know..not a word!) times...and it is so amazing to be glimpsing pieces of the "good" He has in store for us...and perhaps the beginning of something new). we've been quite busy this week with "meet the candidate" dessert nights, a prayer and worship service last night, and we'll be headed back to church for a question and answer meeting in conjunction with the evening service tonight...and my heart is refreshed. i am so thankful for the church family God has placed us in the midst of. but, anyway...after church we headed to one of our friend's house for homemade pizza (this particular friend happens to be a chef...and he is currently working at a, as always, it was good eating!) and some time together with our "group"...or what i lovingly think of as just an extention of our family. then we headed home and i had a chance to whip of these little shoesies while the girls and dad took nice long afternoon naps.

so there you have it...our sunday in a nutshell! hoping you all had a delightful sunday (and saturday too!).


lolly lisa said...

Sounds like just what Sundays are made for! Hoping all goes well with your church...

Rebecca said...

sounds like a wonderful sunday! i love those little shoes you made. where did you get the pattern, if you don't mind my asking?

Leslie said...

so cute, love the shoes.. Im so not that gifted on the sewing machine, wish I was.

Darling darling, imagine the combinations.

Btw.. praying for your church as huge decisions are made, that someone will come in with a fresh wind, and breath a new vision and life into your congregation.

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Great job! I sew myself and design childrens boutique clothing as well as women and childrens jewelry. I wanted to stop in and say hello to another fello hoosier. I'm in Indiana too. I found your blog thru 5 minutes for Mom. Have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings, Angie Seaman