Thursday, February 7, 2008

our kater kater alligator

all shots taken Feb. 6--her 6 month birthday
I know...there are so many pictures here...but I had such a hard time choosing. Since posting pictures from home is extremely frustrating, I figured I would go ahead and post them all while I had the option of a higher speed connection. Enjoy!

perfect little toes

and clingy little fingers

the lighting is horrible, but i simply

can't resist the face!

i figured out how to get this in my mouth....even upside down


our giggle machine!

full of innocence and wonder

how can you resist a grin this big and bright!

and, of course, the one and only big sister

joins in the photo fun!


lolly lisa said...

Such a doll - both of them...

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love having daughters?! Kate is too cute with that cheeky grin of hers & I love her sweater!!

Rebecca said...

kate is absolutely beautiful! i love her beautiful smile and chubby cheeks! you took some great shots!

Leslie said...

Oh my Oh my.. she is beyond adorable. She has the biggest biggest smile...