Monday, April 14, 2008

i've been....

"free"-vs-ing (and apparently getting quite a few of you "hooked" as well!). i won't go into my trip in detail...but i think i did fairly well....some free diapers...air freshening products (which i love but wouldn't pay close to regular price for...and lots of the "glow/tanning" lotions (note: i have never actually tried these things...BUT i found a lovely new dress saturday to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding...and i must admit, some color on this pale winter skin would definitely look a bit nicer against the pinks and browns of the dress!)....and also, some dark chocolate m&m's...(dark because that makes the "good" for you...right!?). i also had a few fillers that produced extra care bucks and some benefiber (why...well, simply this...i made money on it!). i will admit that i started with $27 ECBs and ended with only $25...and i spent $8.00 out of pocket this week...but mostly it was because of the "glow" lotions...then again, $8.00 is less than i would have paid for one package of diapers!
don't you love my "model"...yes, she is wearing a dress, sweater and pj pants...gotta love it!
this is technically from a mid-week trip...but i LOVE that i bought diapers, 4 cover girl foundations...and other goodies and still made money! free great is that!

other than "free"-vs...we also had a couple kohl's shopping trips...and i found the dress i mentioned before...and another fun spring-y skirt and shirt outfit...and some clearanced boots for elizabeth (which she LOVES and insisted on wearing yesterday when we went to jo-anns...nevermind that i bought them for next they about fall off her feet--oh well!). we really didn't spend the entire weekend shopping, but it was nice to get out and find a few bargains, as well as take care of some much needed shopping. how lovely was it that i got to shop by myself (yep...just me! no kiddos, no stroller...just time to browse and try on!) for the dress...and perhaps that is the reason i actually found one! hooray! it was so nice to bring home some feminine outfits...the dress, the skirt, the shirt...i have been feeling so "frumpy" all winter...partly from the cold and partly my own need to get rid of some weight from pregnancy (well...and then some!) i was excited to walk out of the store with things i liked...that fit well...and that didn't cost me and arm and a leg!
elizabeth models her boots (though they are hard to see) and a new outfit from her "special package"...some clothes i ordered online from children's the way, they have some awesome deals right now for those with little ones! (i have a promo code i'm not using for 15% off your purchase if anyone wants it...just let me know!)

oh...and because i, here's the pic of elizabeth chatting with you on the phone...she says, "LOVE YOU POPPY!" (thats the phone she is holding to her ear)


Little Candle said...

Such deals! We don't have a CVS nearby, otherwise I would jump in too!
I love the outfits that you made the girls. Could you take a picture of the cute fabric upclose? I couldn't quite make out what it looked like. But, regardless, they look stunning, you should be very proud of yourself!
I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sarah :)

Wani said...

I think I need tutored in CVSing... I've read a little here and there (mostly on blogs) and it sounds great but I haven't been able to apply it in my weekly shopping routine yet. Help me!

Carrie said...

Wahooooooo! I love CVS. LOL
Cute pics, by the way!
God bless :)

Leslie said...

Ohhh Amanda awesome awesome, and thank you for your email explaining some things.
I went back to return the diapers that I never got my CVS bucks for, and the manager, asked me if I kept them and he gave me a $20 gift card if that would make up for the problem... UMMMM YEAH! So he did, and I literally got 2 jumbo's totally free, crazy. So now Im not so frustrated and I have literally like $60 bucks to play with, I will give some of your scenarios a try

Rebecca said...

sounds like a great weekend with some great deals! awesome! i know how it is with the sleeping and bed thing...liberty has to be in her bed, too. it's so nice that leila will just fall asleep wherever sometimes (except at night lately!)! i'll have to check out those deals at children's place. i so wish we had a cvs nearby!

Amy said...

I've been going to Money saving mom a lot lately, the only problem with the CVSing for me is that I won't use most of the products and so I just don't buy them. It would be awesome to get free diapers, but I am such a Huggies snob, it's ridiculous. Mostly because Lilla drinks a lot her diaper is always full and no other diaper seems to keep it in like good old Huggies. Hmmm...maybe it's my fault for not changing it enough. LOL

Have a good day!