Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my most recent "find"

i don't make a habit of looking to see what garbage people sit out on the curb...really...i promise! but i must admit that last night as i was driving home from a meeting i noticed a perfectly good lego table sitting by the curb....when i got home i asked mike if it would be horrible to go check it out. he gave me the go-ahead, so i stealthily crept down the street...not wanting anyone to see me "dumpster diving". sure enough...a lego table...the only thing wrong with it is a missing "net" in the middle to hold the blocks (and, of course, i did give it a good sterilizing clean this morning before libs woke up and discovered it!). as you can see, elizabeth is enjoying my find...and i am enjoying the fact that i didn't spend have to spend the $100+ that most places want to charge for a wooden lego table.

so, i'm curious...have any of you scored a great "find" from someone else's trash? don't be ashamed...i have a friend who found a little tykes picnic table and a turtle really amazes me what people just throw away. i mean, come on, even if you don't want to take the time to have a garage sale or go to a consignment shop (or have any friends who could use it for free!), at least it could go to the goodwill or salvation army...there are so many places! i suppose one man's trash really is another man's treasure!

by the is a picture of our little dinosaur mid-ROAR! if you could see her hands, you would see her flashing her "claws"...the rest of the pictures of the dinosaur impersonation are too blurry from her massive "stomping"!


Carrie said...

Wahoooo great find! I haven't found anything that others have thrown out. Although we have put stuff out on the curb before knowing that it would get picked up by someone. I don't think there's anything wrong with that - especially when it's in such good condition!

God bless :)

Rebecca said...

thanks! yeah, i'm super excited about the books..i love karen kingsbury and have been wanting to start that series for a while now. what an awesome find!! i'm trying to remember if i've found anything good that way...i know my mom has found a few things! and we have put some stuff out at the curb knowing someone would come by and pick it up. hope you enjoy your thursday!

Rebecca said... the picture of libs "roaring!" she's such a cutie pie!

Little Candle said...

Score! I see nothing wrong with "curb shopping" if it's something useful and in good shape. My family has been known to find things this way every once in awhile.
I too love the picture of Elizabeth roaring. She sure has changed since I first met ya'll in blogland, it has been great to watch.
Have a super day!
Sarah :)

Shanna said...

I've totally stealthed out in the night to take another person's trashed toys! We found a toddler push bike once!
There is this great site called you should look up. It's a great site where people post things they want to get rid of for FREE! You find your state and city then create a sign in name (it's a Yahoo group essentially) I've seen everything from trampolines to fill dirt & sacks of toys on there! I love it! You just have to be able to go pick it up.

Leslie said...

oh yeah, we have gotten our coffee table, and a chair... seriously.. now the coffee table was purple, but some black paint, and its perfect.... :) and the chair just had to be reupholstered.