Saturday, April 26, 2008

vote for me!

okay...bloggy friends (lurkers, family, if you are reading this, i'm talking to you!)...if i've ever needed you, now is the time! there's a lot at be precise a $25 kroger gift-card. click here and vote for my design! (how will you know its mine...well, its a good thing you asked! to help you out i've posted a picture below...besides when you vote just click by "Amanda"! the voting is so easy...and painless...takes just 2 seconds, maybe less...and you don't have to log-in or fill in any other info! go now! hurry....the polls close when the weekend ends! you know you want to just go ahead and do it now! :) (my birthday is next just consider it your early birthday present....because let me tell, with my new coupon-a-holic personality i can stretch that $25 kroger card quite far!)
UPDATE: as of 2:00 saturday i'm in 2nd by only 9 measly votes...keep voting! :)

****oh and for my dear bloggy friends who would like to shamelessly promote my bag on their site...i'm not below perhaps you would find some tantalizing goodie from me in your mailbox if i win....go know you want to tell the blog-universe about my oh-so-wonderful bag design.

as a sidenote to the "fun" nature of a contest and such...i am so excited to see so many stores coming out with re-usable bags (and even giving them away for free)--wal-mart, target, kroger (you can design a bag and as a thank you they will load a coupon for a free re-usable bag onto your kroger card--go here), and so many other stores (even home-depot i think!). i am the first to admit that i haven't done the best job of being "green" in the past, but i am trying, and i am realizing that even little steps like carrying your own re-usable bags to the store help in a big way! and really...wouldn't it be so fun if my design won the big kroger contest, not just the contest at "mommin' it up"...then we could all sport bags with my design!


Shanna said...

I voted for you! I hope you win...mostly because yours is the cutest! Those others don't even come close!
I'll totally promote your bag on my site - what link would be better to add to the image? Your page or the Mommin It Up page?

Leslie said...

I voted, and I got Nick too, also.
Good luck... When does it end.

Rebecca said...

My hubbs and I voted for you! I hope you win!

Rhonda said...

I got 7 votes for you on Saturday. I can't wait to hear if you won.
Great job!!!
I hope you had a GREAT birthday.