Friday, April 4, 2008

lazy fridays...

well..not completely lazy...i did manage to run to meijer this morning...clean out and organize the pantry...and do a bit of "tidying" upstairs...but we just spent a lovely 30 minutes or so laying on the living room floor goofing around. we've been MOP-ing...a mommy and me playdate and "swap" meet of sorts (i must say, i walked out with LOTS of good stuff...including an electric breast pump, some cute clothes, and some little treats for my friend who is due with her first babe in june--all for the low low price of free!)...enjoying a special package from the girls great grandpa and grandma...bargain-ing (kroger and kroger i spent $11 and walked out with something like $50 of total savings was 82%...$25.75 in coupons and the rest in "kroger card" savings--at meijer i did nicely too...a grand total (after a rebate check i will be mailing in) was $4...a savings of over$25 off my original price before coupons, etc.). i will post a picture of all that i got at meijer...i also got catalinas (those coupons that print off when you check-out for money off your next purchase) for $5 more of "free stuff" on my next trip!


*kate among the "spoils" of the special package from
great grandpa and grandma*
*kater LOVES mugho these days!*
*my charming hubby*
*zerberts for libs*


Rebecca said...

Sounds like a wonderful Friday! You sure are making out in all those grocery deals! A MOPS swap sounds pretty cool...I should mention it to my group. Very sweet pictures of your family. Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa said...

Youe guys are such a sweet family! Love, love, love all the pictures..