Sunday, April 27, 2008

another lovely "free-vs" trip!

ugh...just typed half of my entry...and then it disappeared!

anyway...lots to share...about our new swingset (thanks grandmommy and poppy!)....our expeditions to share our money saving "secrets" (aka couponing! and cvs!) with grandmommy....a lovely parent dedication service at church this evening....all capped off with a 2 1/2 hour car ride to the lake (where i am now!). did i mention that i had the privilege of being "squwunched" in the back seat with the two car-seats since we hitched a ride with grandmommy and poppy--daddy had to stay home to work! :(--but really, i'm not complaining about the ride...espeically since it means bonus time with my parents, the chance to visit friends and family up this way, and saving the gas money it would have taken to drive the van up! anyway...i promise to post pics of the swingset and dedication tomorrow...but for now, i thought i would quickly share my cvs deals from today's trip...since i know some of you have jumped on the "free"vs train!

transaction #1
8 post-it flags
1 bic soleil cartridge refill
use 4 $3 off 2 post-it flag coupon
use $2 off cartridge refill coupon (from a recent insert)
use $4 off $20 purchase coupon
spend $3.99--earn $8 ECBs!!! (profit $4.01)

transaction #2
1 neosporin (i bought the original ointment--my box had a bonus band-aid travel "case")
1 cort-aid
1 touch of grey men's hair color (which i will be "gifting" to a jokester friend!)
used $1 off neosporin coupon (from calling johnson & johnson to ask for coupons!)
used $2 off touch of grey (internet printable)
used $3 off $15 cvs coupon
total around $8...somehow this came out around $8...but i'm now realizing that there must have been a mistake...i think it should have been more.
earned $12.99 in ECBs

transaction #3
1 24.7 lip plumper (19.99--absurdly more expensive than i would EVER pay for something like this)
1 tic-tac for a "filler" (.89)
used $5 crt (printed from the in store coupon printer last week)
used $4 off $20 beauty coupon (received in e-mail)
used $4 off $20 purchase
spent $8ish and earned $10 ECBs!

total today i spent less than $1.25 out of pocket. i walked in the door with $21 ECBs and "rolled" them so i walked out the door with $28 ECBs....can't beat that! in essence, cvs "paid" me to take that merchandise off their shelves! have i mentioned there are GREAT free after ECB deals in may...that i happen to have LOTS of coupons stashed away in preparation for....

note...for some reason i am having trouble posting the coupon keeps deleting my post when i try, so i would recommend visiting moneysavingmom to see those links! (you can click on the link or the big green "button" on my sidebar!)


Amy said...

I just keep waiting to see something I need. I need to get in there and use my ECB's before they expire though. Hmmm...maybe in the next few days...

Rebecca said...

wow, that's awesome!

StephanieJ said...

Wow! What great deals! I went today and did the post-it deal and used the 10 digital prints free that is with the $3/$15 coupon. Great Job! I don't think that I ever responded about being added to your blogroll, but that would be great! Thanks!