Friday, April 18, 2008


aside from being awaken by the midwest earthquake this morning, the most exciting thing for us the past few days has been savoring the gorgeous weather! ( seriously i woke up to our bedroom shaking at 5:40 this morning...a bit freaky since i could not for the life of me figure out what was going on!). oh, and i did have the chance to go to the aveda institute and get my hair cut and styled (and the lovely massage and mini-facial that goes with the service!)....all for the delightful price of $17...can't beat that! i even had my eyebrows waxed free of charge...which is wonderful since i hate plucking them. are some shots of the past couple days. i will try to get myself on the other side of the camera to show you my new "do" later this evening.
friends...miranda, kate, and libs
"i like being outside!"
kate's first wagon ride...okay so for the actual "ride" part i had to kind of "stuff" her down in the seat so she wouldn't slide around--but this made for a better photo!
our future softball champ (this one's for you, poppy!)--have i mentioned that i am loving putting elizabeth's hair in pigtails--she isn't as excited about it, but i think she'll come around! :)
she has officially figured out the tricycle (well, except that whole steering part!)


Leslie said...

so so so jealous, over the price of all that, I seriously don't pluck either, but then again been a couple months since I have gone and had them done, I might be starting to scare people... and ummm an earthquake there really... we a little tremble this morning, I just rolled over. I feel like a BIG one is lurking though.

Leslie said...

ohhh and piggies, so so cute. I can't wait for that.

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't give for that kind of treatment - and a FREE eyebrow wax! I need to start making some phone calls!! ;)
So scary about the earthquake. I don't watch news and haven't been online so I hadn't heard about it. Hope everyone is ok!!!

Rebecca said...

i felt the earthquake up here too (although i'm sure not nearly as much as you!)...i was awake with my "insomniac" daughter ;). love the outside pics..especially elizabeth's pigtails! i keep trying to get liberty to let me do her hair, but it's too big of a battle to fight right now. what a great deal for your haircut and the extra goodies!

Lisa said...

you know, when my brother lived in town I would get my hair done for free - now to pay full price KILLS me! So we make a trip to Chicago a lot to get a free a hair cut, although Free is used lightly since traveling there costs so much...
Aren't you loving this spring weather? It doesn't get any better if you ask me!!!
Weird - an earthquake in the midwest - although I didn't feel it lots of my nieghbors did.

Carrie said...

VERY cute pictures!!
But - where is the pic of your new 'do? Don't tease me like that.
We felt the earthquake too. Weird.
God bless :)

Amy said...

Oh, how we have enjoyed the sun too! It was just fabulous last week. We didn't even mind the wind so much as we were so delighted by the sun we spent hours outside every day. Good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I, like Leslie, am also jelous of the price you paid at the salon. I pay $24 just to get my hair cut, which may explain why I haven't had it cut since before Christmas... Anyways, I'm loving the pigtails and the pictures. Make sure to get one of the hair cut! Can't wait to see it.
I have never been in an earthquake (I think I was told once that North Dakota is one of only two places in the world that no one ever feels earthquakes), but I'm guessing they are scarry... They must not be standard where you live either.