Monday, January 18, 2010

dear jillian...

dearest, sweetest, most precious jillian,

you are beyond cute. i cannot get enough of your grins and giggles and coos.

i love the way you press your head up against me to snuggle.

i find just about everything you do adorable...from eating your tabbies (and sticking pretty much anything in your mouth) to the way to grin at your sisters (especially kate).

you reached out to hold elizabeth's hand in church yesterday...and made mommy almost cry (and miss a great deal of the sermon).

you had a long day yesterday with fussiness (so not normal for you) and a bit of a fever from teething, and shhh...don't tell, but mommy kind of enjoyed it...not the painful for you part, just the holding you a little closer part.

one small request...stop growing so fast!


p.s. jillian would like to send a special shout out to jackie...thanks for the cutie outfit! (and yes, that means that my not yet 5 month old fits in a 6-9 month outfit....she's not petite...thats for sure!)


Rebecca said...

so sweet.
i've been asking my girls to please stop growing so fast for so long now...but they just won't listen!!

enjoyed your two previous posts as well. thank you for sharing. i just love when God reminds us things like He does care for each and every one of us.

jonathan started his new job today. it went pretty well for day 1. we're missing him like crazy already.

i hope you and i can plan a day to get together within the next couple of months...before i move cross country yet again! ;)

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Amanda - she is just adorable! :)I love all of the little pictures.

It does happen so, so fast.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she just a sweetie? They say she looks like I did as a baby, but I can tell she is so much healthier and growing like she should. It will be so fun to see what her little personality will be in another year, I imagine yet another delightful little being to add to your fun family mix. We miss you terribly and hope we can spend some time together again very soon. Hi to all three of the little Yak yakkity yakkers. Keep up the good work Katers with the potty and Elizabeth may just follow her aunt Shell's artistic desires with her cutting and pasting. Love you all so very much! Mom

michelle mceachern said...

What a darling little girl. I agree with your statement about "stop growing so fast". I tell my son that all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. They don't listen.