Sunday, January 10, 2010

what we've been up to...

i'm still here...see, really, i am.

i started a "ten smile tuesday" last week...and then was distracted by the last minute chance to join some gals at maggiano's for dinner....and then i tried to pick up and finish that post friday...and was distracted with my need to get ready for my date with my husband (a date to celebrate his new job!--yep...his new job! he starts tomorrow! a full-fledged, hire a baby-sitter date...complete with a tasty dinner, great conversation, some window-shopping, and snuggling on the couch watching a movie afterward). and now it is sunday...and i gave up on that other post...finally was able to upload some pics from my camera...and you have third attempt at a catch-all, catch-up post. i'm sure to leave LOTS of things out...but here are some highlights from the past week(s)....

see this little muffin...yep...she's still cute. see her sunglasses....yep, it is apparently bright in our house. actually, its not, this is just what happens while mommy hangs out in the bathroom with our in the potty training process little kater gator. sweet kater...she has good days and bad days...but we are officially in the process...and, oh my, i am once again reminded of how much delight bodily functions bring when they make it into the potty.

elizabeth and kate have been hanging in their new bean bag chairs...upstairs in their almost finished new playroom (which used to be the office/play/junk/guestroom). they are quite enthralled by bean bags...both sitting in them....

...and getting bombed by them when poppy comes to visit! ...and the shrieking and screaming, yep...delight squeals (and not so delighted ones) seem to be filling our house lately. where do these little girls get their shrill, shriekiness from.

we've been eating bread...homemade bread...and lots of it, as i experiment with the new bread cookbook mike bought me for Christmas. "Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day". the loaf below is 100% whole wheat and flaxseed...YUM! i've been milling our wheat flour again, and it feels good to get back into the swing of making our own sandwich bread, etc.

we had a great visit from grandmommy and poppy and GG last week. we enjoyed some wii bowling...a little bit of qwirkle...and some toy story yahtzee. good times were had by all!

we've been shoveling snow...and making angels in it too!
we've been tickle-monstering and horsey-riding (sometimes at the same time, as you can see!)

and just plain lookin' cute!

...and so.much.more...but truly, this will have to suffice for now!

what have YOU been up to?


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Totally a serious question...what the heck does it mean to mill flour? I've been wondering this on other people's posts lately too...what can this mean?

Looks like you guys have been having a blast lately! What a fun time for you all.

We just got a Wii, and who does not love bowling, right?

Mike got a new job? That is awesome! Does this entail less hours? I hope so, that would be awesome. Hope he likes it lots!

Rebecca said...

looks like you guys have been having a great time! jillian is getting soo big! congrats to mike on his new job! how exciting! enjoyed all the pictures. and the bean bag bomb video...too fun! oh and your bread looks sooo yummy. i really need to get back to baking bread more often. and i really really need to update my blog. maybe today!

Amanda said...

amy...we "mill" our own wheat. we bought wheat kernels from a farmer (you call also get them at whole food type stores) and we have an electric we mill our own wheat grinding your own coffee beans kind off...but with wheat! :) does that make sense...

and yes...hopefully mike's new job means a bit less in the realm of overtime craziness...and hopefully less stress...but we'll see! he is excited!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a busy week! congratulations to Mike on the new job! And good luck with Kate and the potty training. We are testing that out with Alex however, we don't think he's ready yet.
Looks like you guys had lots of laughs this week! Yea! The new year is off to a great start for you!

Rebecca said...

hey again, amanda! we must making meeting in person happen! the girls and i will still be here for a month or two..probably closer to two and hopefully no longer than that! i really hope we can work something out.