Friday, January 22, 2010

dearest elizabeth...

when, sweet girl, did you get so big? when exactly did you go from toddler to little girl? when did you become such a fabulous conversationalist...politely placing orders with the waitress at the restaurant, carrying on endless dialogue with anyone we see, talking to me like you are much older than four. when, i ask?

elizabeth, you are beautiful...inside and out. it is a great joy to see you learning to share and show kindness (especially to kate...and, yes, sweet girl, i know it is so hard sometimes). i truly savor listening to the time you spend laughing with your sister, teaching her, playing with her, imagining, giggling. i enjoy being past the sheer "obedience" phase of discipline...being able to get a better glimpse of your heart and to talk through things with you, watching you wrestle through what it means to please God...wrestling with the "why" of obeying...and eventually coming to the point of doing the right things for the right reasons. sometimes you amaze me with your deep questions and insights into spiritual things...sometimes it is the simplicity with which you accept things or see life...and others times you make obvservations and comments that truly make me laugh outloud. i love you, sweet girl!

and elizabeth, today marks a day of "mommyhood" i will always incredible mommy/daughter outing. the true goal was your first *real* haircut (not counting the one time mommy trimmed your hair last summer)...but it was really more about the whole day. and, oh my, was it is terrific afternoon. daddy stayed home with jillian and kate...and this was an afternoon for just the two of us.

here you are...ready to head out the door. eyes sparkling and eager.

our first stop was le peep...where you ordered a mickey pancake (incidentally you also did the ordering for mommy too...french toast and diet coke (when the server asked what we wanted to drink, you said it loud and clear, "my mommy would want a diet coke please"...completely unprompted by me!...i mean seriously, when did you get old enough to order for us?!). you proceeded to eat the entire pancake (and several bites of my french toast) even though it was seriously BIGGER than your head!

then after hitting the clearance racks at old navy we made our way to cookie cutters. you were so brave...excited but reserved. you selected the car chair...climbed in...and sat as still as a statue, listening and quickly following instructions when the stylist asked you to put your head down or turn this way or that. when asked how you wanted your hair cut, you responded, "a bob...stacked in the back..." just as we had talked about at lunch. :)

i walked in the door with a little girl...and i walked out the door with a big girl...amazing really how much older you look.

the green balloon she gave you was a was the promise of a chocolate chip cookie at target (our next stop!). and at target you patiently shopped with mommy...looking through each rack, trying to find the perfect dress...which you insisted should be green...not for any particular occasion...but just because...because every little girl who is becoming big should get an afternoon of lunch out, haircuts, and dress shopping! :) target didn't have anything to your liking (although you pointed out several things your sisters would enjoy...and oh how that was precious to my thinking of them!). so we headed to kohls...and there you found it...your green dress...just perfect (and you also happened to score a bunch of clearance bargains for your wardrobe next winter). its good to be a girl, elizabeth!

sweet girl...i am thrilled that God has gifted you to me...that this was just the first of many lovely girlie afternoons we can spend together. i love you. I LOVE YOU! you are beautiful and precious and amazing.

mommy :)


Rebecca said...

aww...what a beautiful, precious day, amanda!! elizabeth's new haircut is adorable!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh, such a tender post. What a big girl Elizabeth is getting to be. Love the new do!

Katie said...

This is so sweet, Amanda! Thanks so much for sharing this! I cannot believe how your babies are growing up--such beautiful girls!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

She's just beautiful Amanda. And your love for her truly shined through every single word in this post. I loved reading it.
What a sweet day.

Crystal said...

It sounds like you two had a wonderful day together! I love her haircut too! So cute. She will remember that day. :)

Jamie said...

i got all teary-eyed thinking of your mother-daughter breakfast. what a sweet tradition! her new haircut is adorable!

Little Candle said...

She is such a big girl. I still remember meeting you all on MSN and sharing in her first months and now here she is all grown up. Wow that happened fast. She is just beautiful and I love the new do!