Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ten smile *tuesday*...

i've been so out of the routine of posting ten smile tuesday...and here it is wednesday...but i will go ahead and share some of what we've been smiling about.

1. a letter to daddy from miss elizabeth. she dictated...i wrote...and then she used my copy as a sample to make her own. i'm so proud of my girl!

2. building a snowman....while jillian and kate napped in the afternoon, just before all of our snow melted away, elizabeth and i went out and built a snowman. what a blast!

3. a date night with the hubby

4. a baby shower for a sweet friend...good time with fun ladies...and some out without kiddo time too! that was followed by some time out with just kater gator a little later...we went to pick out some potty prizes and big girl undies. she is doing a great job with staying dry...just needs a bit more motivation and encouragement when it comes to putting "stinkies" in the potty.

5. qwirkle+popcorn+my husband=fabulouso...'nuff said!

6. a delightful, restful sunday...watched some football, took a nap, spent time with my favorite four people...a good day!

7. finishing off that sunday with some tasty pancakes made by daddy....and some "jemia-mites" to finish off the meal (silver dollar size pancakes)...the girls were thrilled to call poppy and tell him they had "jemia-mites" (which were poppy's specialties when i was growing up)

8. see that buzz lightyear pen?! yep...kate's "prize" for putting "stinkies" in the potty. what can i say, it was a fabulous monday morning...i was up in time to workout, shower, and have some good time with the Lord before the girls woke up, and then kate woke up and "stinkied" in the potty. that, my friends, is a good day!

9. need i say more...yep...this snuggle, buggle girl!

10. who needs cars when you have shoes? the girls are having a BLAST playing with their wooden "anamalz" in their shoes. kate is zooming around, honking, and just plain having fun...this is by far one of kate's favorite things to play right now.

*bonus* pudding pictures! i made pudding and let the girls practice drawing letters and shapes...and eat the pudding. good times...
true to personality...elizabeth used the tips of her fingers and started "daintily" with her drawing and sampling...

...while kate...well, she was kate...


Rebecca said...

great smiles! elizabeth is doing a great job writing! i'm so impressed! my girls also love to use shoes as cars and airplanes. so fun! what is qwirkle? love the pudding fun!

Crystal said...

oh that pudding looks like fun! I may have to try that one of these days when the kids are driving me mad! :)

Did Elizabeth always write for you? I've been lucky in that Charis will do most things I ask w/o issue, but I can't get her to write her letters at all! She can recognize them and has written them before, but she refuses to do it for me. Do you have any creative ideas to get her writing?

Oh! And yea for date nights! We haven't had one in ages but it sounds delightful!

Nancy M. said...

Wonderful smiles! Kate is doing awesome! I love that you were able to have some fun in the snow with Elizabeth! Jillian is just to precious!

Little Candle said...

Wonderful list! It looks like things are good in your neck of the woods! Hugs!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Anna would totally have been right in the middle of that pudding too! She'd have had to of been naked for that! :)

Way to go on the potty Kate! Good times!!

And way to go Elizabeth on the writing, all great stuff going on.