Monday, January 18, 2010


I am...

....reminded that most things come with time. i spent the morning listening to kate chatter away with me, telling me all about the illustrations in the books we were reading, talking to her sister, and just plain talking for the sake of talking. this is the same kate who was barely talking on her 2nd birthday 5 months ago. now, as i type, elizabeth is coloring pictures, cutting them with scissors, and pasting them into the correct "positions" in her workbook without any assistance from mommy. this is the same elizabeth who i worried would never figure out anything fine motor skill related.

...hopeful that our run to wal-mart for extra protection pampers (and going yet another size up) will prove worthwhile...meaning a dry baby, dry sleeper, and dry sheet tomorrow morning. oh please let it be!

...looking out my window and marveling at what a wise and amazing God we have...a God who has planned seasons so beautifully, caring for the trees and grass...thinking it is quite awesome to think that He cares for us much more even than His incredible creation.

...pleased that we made it through CVS and wal-mart without tears or tantrums.

...thankful for beautiful, godly ladies who encourage, support, and motivate me.

...thrilled that kate has figured out the whole "pee pee in the potty" process and hoping she will get the pooping in the potty down quickly.

...not above bribery to get the above "random" squared away.

...avoiding a mountain of laundry that needs to be folded.

...bragging on my husband who washed almost all of that laundry (along with hanging with the three girls AND vacuuming!) while i was enjoying a baby shower for a sweet friend.

...celebrating getting up in time to workout, shower, spend time with Jesus, and enjoy oatmeal with bananas and a cup of coffee before the girlies rose. (well...kind of...i was still finishing some journaling while they enjoyed a little "clifford")

...looking forward to reading some more "charlotte's web" with elizabeth in just a few minutes.

...wishing two nasty teeth would pop through the gums already and give my sweet baby girl some relief.

...trying to decide if some resting or more working is in store during nap/rest time.

...excited to hear that a friend will most likely be able to bring her son and daughter home to their family. they are orphans in haiti...and due to the earthquake they are hopefully going to be granted humanitarian pardon and released to go home THIS WEEK--it has been a two year plus adoption process! praise the Lord for joy in the midst of a tragedy.

...praying, praying, praying for Haiti...and praying, praying, praying that God would let us have wisdom and discernment where we need to give and help.

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Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Bribery can be really effective... :)

Isn't it awesome to look back and see how God has answered so many prayers! Love to hear about Kate talking and Elizabeth's progress in the fine motor department.