Wednesday, March 12, 2008

little friends....

"Randa"--as Elizabeth calls Miranda was with us today...and the weather was gorgeous, meaning lots of outdoor time this afternoon. The girls were so cute, climbing into the same chair together and lovin' on each other...priceless candid moments.

(p.s....still no rock! ugh! *for those who haven't been by for a couple days...check out monday's post for the humorous "rock story". we did have another adventure this afternoon...with a sharpie marker...ugh!--foretunately magic erasers clean tables and rubbing alcohol cleans little girls...let me tell you; its been one of those weeks!)



Rebecca said...

sounds like one crazy week for you, amanda! those pictures of elizabeth and miranda are priceless!

Amy said...

Adorable pictures! Isn't it great to see the girls start to interact more and more, it has just been so cool! I saw Glenda, of Chuck and Glenda fame (from CPC, I think you know them) today and their daughter. I hadn't seen them in about a year so how different it was to see our girls play together. Such a fun time!

Great bunch of smiles, as always! I can sympathize with the single parent feeling. Sometimes I am home quite a bit by myself and it can be a bit overwhelming. It is so nice when Michael is here!

The rock...oh, the rock. My goodness, well, it's got to come out one way or another. The peanut is all in to rocks right now too, I'll have to keep my eye on that one!

Lisa said...

I hope the rock "passes" quickly and safely!!! Silly girl!