Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ten smile tuesday

Lots of smiles once again....and for those who are wondering, nope, we haven't "found" the rock yet...but all seems to be "moving along" okay...so no worries! I did, however, google "my child ate a rock" last night, just to see what came up....not much. Apparently Elizabeth is unique. I only found two references to children eating a rock. For those who have no clue what I am talking about, check out my post from yesterday...I promise it should make you laugh a bit!
1. Our funny Elizabeth...seriously, this girl has given us our fair share of laughs this week. Just this morning I was doing some "tidying" in our front room while Elizabeth colored (so I thought!) in the other room. When I walked into the other room I found a naked little girl trying with all her might to reach her doodlepro toy...when I asked her what happened to her clothes, she pointed them out and then told me she was "taking a shower". Get this, she even told me she had to turn the water off (which she proceeded to pretend to do) before we could put her clothes back on. Crack me up! I love this "pretend-play" stage! (She also decided the ottoman needed some new diapers this morning--one wasn't enough to cover it!)

2. Thursday marked Kate's 7th month "birthday"....can you believe it!? I can't! What a blessing this smiling, giggling, contented little girl is...I just love this picture I caught this morning.

3. Having daddy home for three whole days! They finally wrapped up their project late Thursday evening...meaning Mike was able to take the day off Friday and didn't have to go in over the weekend either! We enjoyed an impromptu trip to the museum Friday morning and lots of together time the rest of the weekend. The picture is from Friday morning...when Elizabeth came downstairs and saw daddy she rushed to give him a hug...then wanted to spend the rest of the morning "glued" to his lap!

4. Enjoying Sunday lunch at my parents...with our dearest friends. My parents invited our friends over to partake in some food and fellowship...fun was had by all...of course!

5. A wonderful MOPS meeting Thursday morning...great speaker, great discussion, and some time away (something I so appreciated after being a "single" parent much of the past week or so).
6. The fun of watching Miranda and Elizabeth interact and play together more and more each week. This week the three of us had a BLAST creating play-doh friends while Kate was napping. We made Bob and Larry (veggie tales), a dinosaur, Mugho, a cake, and and elephant...good thing the girls are two...they appreciate my "artistic" creations!

7. Discovering loads of new recipes last night at my church's annual "taste" event. Everyone submits a favorite recipe ahead of time, and the recipes are copied and combined into a "book" of sorts. Then on the night of the event, you bring your dish, separate it into dixie cup "tastes", and sample them. Always fun...and tasty...and a great way to find new recipes that you can actually taste ahead of time!
8. Watching Elizabeth and Mugho play this morning....and listening to the shrieking giggles and gails of laughter from Elizabeth...oh to be able to capture those giggles in a bottle to replay back over and over again!

9. The sun is shining and spring seems to be on its way....in fact, this afternoon I am hoping we can spend some time outdoors when the girls wake up from naps. (Which reminds me of another smile...the fact that they nap at the SAME time in the afternoon....blessed respite for mommy! Today I got to run on the treadmill for a half and hour when they first went down, now I'm typing my smiles...and I will still have the second hour of nap-time to grab a shower and do some cleaning!)

10. Our messy little eater...these pictures make me smile....there were so many more taken during this little photo session that I'd love to share...but I just picked four (I know, that in and of itself is a bit overboard...but I couldn't resist!)


Rebecca said...

beautiful smiles!! liberty is into that pretending now and then, and it is a blast! how fun that your church does a "taste" event..that sounds great! and new recipes are always a nice thing to have.
i know what you mean about feeling like "single" parent. jonathan is working a ton of hours at his current job. i love the break mops gives you, and the fellowship with other moms is so great.
lastly, i really enjoyed the messy eater pics! too cute! and i know how it is when you take so many pictures...especially when you have a digital..it's so hard to stop!
enjoy the rest of your week!

Wani said...

I can't believe that we live so close! Have you heard about the Chick-fil-A in Avon giving away free breakfast on Wednesdays til the end of March? We've gone almost every week since we found out about it. Its been packed with other moms and their kids but its worth it for free food!

Wani said...

Are you on facebook or myspace? I have both. I also started a playgroup on yahoo groups called IndyWestPlayGroup if you want to check it out. Its in the very early stages but I'm hoping it'll grow.

Leslie said...

I have to tell you Amanda, I totally laughed at the rock situation.. and then what goes around comes around.

Today, Rylan ate her crib! Im not kidding I went to get her after a nap, and she gnawed all the way through the paint and wood, there is a hole....

Lordy Lordy... I hope she doesn't get splinters in any unfun places..


diashermosos said...

Yay!! It always makes my day when I get to come and read your smiles:D I hope everything turned out okay with the rock and I just had to laugh at the pics of that adorable (food smeared) little lady of yours. My goodness is she a smiler or what?