Sunday, March 30, 2008

oh the joy...

thought i would share my "loot" from cvs this week. i'm telling you...this is a bit addicting, but i can't even believe how much "bang" i got for my "buck" this time around. this is my 3rd cvs attempt since i discovered all the savings, and it really does start to make more sense each week. if you thinking about trying this out, you will have to spend a bit "out of pocket" the first week, but you will end up with extra care bucks "ecb" to begin rolling the next week. if you have a cvs nearby and are wanting to start out this might be a good week if you have interest in softsoap body wash. they cost $4.99 each, but you receive $4.99 back in "ecbs" on each one purchased (limit 5) you would spend $24.95 (or less if you have coupons from this weeks coupon insert--there is also a coupon online for $1.00 off one--check at moneysavingmom for the coupon link) but then have almost $25 of ecbs to begin "rolling" for deals in the coming weeks. anyway...i hit cvs after we got home from church and our flock group lunch (once the girls were tucked away for naps). i had done some planning ahead as to what my transactions would look like (to maximize coupons)'s how i made out (like a bandit!).


1 softsoap spa radiance ($1.50 off coupon)--this was free after ecbs (plus i had $1.50 overage w/coupon!)
2 scrubbing bubble cleansers ($.75 off coupon x2)
1 shout stain spray ($.75 off coupon)
1 fantastik heavy duty cleaner ($.55 off coupon)
2 lady speed stick 24/7 ($1 off coupon x2)--these ended up free after coupon and ecbs
1 palmolive dishsoap ($.25 off coupon)
*i also used a $4 off $20 purchase coupon--printed on the in-store coupon printer

spent $14.95 extra care bucks
then i paid $0.40 out of pocket and earned $12.99 in extra care bucks!
*i did "lose" 2 or so ecbs, but i think it was worth it for all that i got!--plus i still have plenty left!


3 softsoap spa radiant shower gel ($1 off coupon and $1.50 off coupon)--free after ecbs, plus $2.50 overage!
5 deoderants ($1 off coupon and $.75 off 2 coupon x2)
2 zone bars ($1 off coupon x2)--these were "fillers" to reduce my out of pocket expense...w/ coupons they only cost $0.19 a piece
*i also used another $4 off $20 purchase coupon printed from the in-store coupon printer

spent $18.85 in extra care bucks...
i paid $0.28 out of pocket and earned $20.97 in ecbs (pretty much "making up" my loss of ecbs in transaction #1!)


1 softsoap spa radiant shower gel
1 24.7 facial cleansing scrub (no coupons...but it ended up being just $1 with ecbs and $4 off $20 purchase coupon from in-store coupon printer!)
*i used one $4 off $20 purchase coupon

spent $16.97 extra care bucks
then i paid $0.01 ( penny!) out of pocket and earned $14.99 in ecbs

$0.69...yep...69 cents!

after all of this, i still have over $22 in extra care bucks to "play" with next week!

want to try your hand at is the link once more (its where this madness started for me)! cvs 101
fyi: if you don't have a cvs nearby she also posts deals for walgreens, meijer, target, etc...and often links to others who post those kind of deals....other regional stores that we don't have in indiana as well. might be worth checking out for those who are trying to pinch pennies (or just be more frugal in general!--really, who doesn't like "free" stuff!


Rebecca said...

wow..that's awesome! i'm jealous you have a cvs nearby! thank you for your prayers.

Lisa said...

I haven't tried my hand at the CVS game yet - I don't know why. I have looked at their add in the paper, read Money Savings Mom posts, and cut my coupons - yet I feel intimidated by it all....
I must go this week and jump into the savings....
Great job Amanda, just think how much that would have cost you!

carrie224 said...

Ok for 3 weeks now I have said I'm going to try this, and I haven't yet. I think I'm a little scared by it. I have no idea why. I've read that link you gave me, the cvs 101 and it's really good. I think I "get it". Where do you get your coupons? In the paper? Online? We don't get the paper here, but we might have to start at least buying the Sunday paper.

Great job, by the way!
God bless :)

diashermosos said...

Person #3 that is intimidated to try this... I don't get the paper, so I don't get coupons... And I don't get the CVS add. Maybe they have it online for me to look at. I'm gonna have to check all this out a little bit more! Thanks for the money saving inspiration:D

Shanna said...

That is insane! Way to go!!!! Wow ;)

Leslie said...

Holy cow lady awesome..
if your playing grocery game, from what I understand couponmom sites is the same and free. Try it. There is a link on the side that says it..

Its a great site too.
I gotta try this CVS thing.

Denise Sawyer said...

Way to go!! You REALLY are a CVS Superstar!!!

For those of you who haven't tried your hand at CVS yet, be sure to visit my site:
The centsible sawyer to get some ideas for transactions for next week. I post scenarios for CVS each Sunday night! Very "newbie" friendly. So - that said, try THIS week! Go get your Sunday paper and get going! Then YOU can be a CVS superstar like Amanda!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer