Saturday, March 1, 2008

Video of the girlies (and my pay it forward winner announcements!)

Since daddy had to work over-time today the girls and I spent a lovely afternoon at grandmommy and poppy's house. My dad took this video of Kate "talking" with his camera...thought you might enjoy seeing (and hearing her) in action. I'll try to post some video of Elizabeth soon...just didn't think I should post the bath-time video out hear for the whole world to see....she might be quite annoyed with mom for something like that later!

By the way...the winners of my "pay it forward" are...all four entrants (you just can't leave anyone out!). Amy, Rebecca, Mom, and Andrea...I will leave you all comments with more details...and to make sure you still want to participate!

***Just kidding about the video...this was my first attempt to include a video...and it was apparently can simply use your imagination to think about how cute it was...I'll try to include some pictures in the next couple days!

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