Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ten smile wednesday

well...still sick but definitely on the mend (i hope!). man, whatever this is horrible! i honestly don't remember when the last was that i felt as bad as i felt yesterday...ugh! anyway....onto our smiles....
1. these lovely flowers mike brought home the other day...enough to make several bouquets throughout the house...including one in lib's bedroom (which she thinks is quite special!).
2. our fabulous trip to the children's museum with friends on thursday...this time we visited some areas we have missed out on during our last couple worries...we did visit our tried and true favs....the carousel and the curious george room.
3. healthy girls...seriously...i am so thankful the girls don't seem to have what mike and i have had...the only thing worse than being sick is being sick with sick kiddos!
4. having a baby shower for my dear, dear friend jill on monday night....okay, so i didn't feel the greatest and maybe should have skipped out...but, really, can you miss your best friend's baby shower?! it was so much fun...and i can't believe she is really going to have a baby in less than 12 weeks...holy cow!
5. saving this has been my new "excitement". i've heard people talk about shopping at CVS to save money...but i discovered this site (this is what i was talking about when i blogged sunday). i took my first trip sunday and walked out with all kinds of bargains....and $25 in ECBs to start using next week...hopefully this can seriously cut back our out of pocket expenses on toiletries and even some groceries. the info at money saving mom is also transforming the way i think about coupons. the best part...she does much of the "legwork" for you...telling you where to find many of the coupons she mentions, even setting up scenarios for how you can save money each week at various stores. i also saved some serious money on cereal and granola bars with a special our kroger was running (plus some coupons i found on line...via money saving mom!)
6. a wonderful husband who stayed home to take care of me...and the girls....yesterday.
7. coloring easter eggs....
8. buying elizabeth's swimsuit for this summer....and the fact that this means summer truly will come! she was so cute...talking to me about everything she would do in her swimsuit..."i go swimmin' in the lake...grandmommy and poppy's." "i ride boat in my swimsuit."

9. the chance to spend wednesday afternoon playing outside!

10. crawling 101...these pictures were caught while daddy and elizabeth "helped" kate work on her crawling skills. she's kind of getting the idea of inchworming...but you can tell she just wants so badly to figure it out and start keeping up with big sister!


Shanna said...

Oh I feel so bad for you and having that sickness! I thought for sure I'd get away this winter without catching it, but I did - and man I'm glad it's done and over with! I hope you start feeling MUCH better soon & can feel normal again :)
The almost crawling pics of Kate are so cute. I love the look she's giving the camera :)
I guess I better buy eggs tomorrow at the grocery store for coloring this weekend! I nearly forgot!!! Thanks for the links, I'll definitely be taking a look at those tips!

Rebecca said...

Great smiles! The flowers are beautiful..and how fun that Libs got her own sweet bouquet :). Love the easter eggs, too! Thanks for the money saving information...I looked some of it over last night and I'm pretty excited about it. The crawling pics are just too precious! You can definitely tell Kate is working hard to keep up with her big sister! I hope you are feeling 100% soon!!

carrie224 said...

I'm sorry you're still sick!
Great smiles, as always. I'm definitely going to have to check out the coupon thing at CVS.
Get better soon girlie!
God bless :)

Rebecca said...

ps...i got really excited about the cvs thing...and then i looked up the store locations and the closest one to me is 45 minutes away!! i'm so bummed!

Lisa said...

great smiles as always! Feel better soon and thanks for the money saving tips!

chelle said...

So much sweetness here.

We are going to color eggs tommorow and it will be the first time ever for both Annabelle and I.

But I do hope you are back to feeling like yourself again soon. Have a truly blessed weekend, celebrating the love of our wonderful Jesus.

Lisa said...

Hey Amanda - I have been doing some "research" on all of your savings at CVS - holy cow, you can save a ton of $!!!! There is a CVS right down the street from where I work and I NEVER go there. Well thanks to you, that is all going to change next week! Thanks so much for the great advise.
Who couldn't use some extra money?!?!
Wishing you a wonderful Easter. I am sure your girls will have a blast...