Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I really did have the best intentions of posting my smiles yesterday....but really, someone tell me...where do the days go?! Guess we were just too busy creating new smiles!

1. Health. Yep...we are finally getting over the "sickies" after a week and a half of feeling quite "icky" and blah.

2. Getting out of the house Thursday...for MOPS and an afternoon with my parents. My mom's birthday was we celebrated with a little lunch at a barbeque place near them...and, of course, my gift to my mom was a few rounds of canasta while the girls were tucked away for naps. This day has particular "significance" see, I don't think I have shared, but my parents are just a couple days...not far, really...just a couple their house at the lake. We always knew the day would come...and, oh my, I am so thrilled about all the memories to be made at the lake...and all the new special days to come--days when grandmommy and poppy can come down and visit...or perhaps the girls can go for a weekend stay...but, it is definitely bittersweet. Grandmommy and poppy...we will miss you! Thanks for so many terrific Thursday (and beyond!).

3. Elizabeth's first egg hunt...I really cannot believe how quickly those kiddos picked the field clean of eggs and candy! She definitely had fun...even though it did snow during the hunt (see the past a couple days back for pictures).

4. Having daddy home for a couple extra days...a nice bonus of the sickies....proof that good things can come from not so desirable circumstances!

5. Easter...He is risen! What a terrific message our pastor brought to us...a reminder that Easter is not just one day...rather it is a "firstfruit" of more to come...the taste of the hope we have for all of eternity.

6. An afternoon with Mike's family and some good food...

7. just keeps getting more fun as Kate gets a bit older and more able to join in...then again, this smile is more about capturing my two cuties peering over the rail at precious!

8. Snuggling up with my hubby and watching a movie...
9. Cleaning...not something I usually love...but after being "down" with the sickies for what seemed like an eternity, it was great to tackle some housework...especially our bedroom, which had grown to a disaster area! Amazing how great hard work really feels...once you get going!
10. Spring is peeking in once again (will it stay this time?). Elizabeth and I spent some time outside this morning while Kate napped and we waited for Miranda to arrive....oh dear friends, how lovely the sun felt on our skin and that still-a-bit-chilly but refreshing spring breeze...surely we will be back outside this afternoon!


carrie224 said...

I'm sorry your parents are moving! That's so hard, and I'll be praying for you guys!
Great list, as always!
God bless :)

Lisa said...

I hope spring is here to stay too! March in the mid-west can be very LONG....
I am sure you miss your parents dearly, but you will learn to improvise. Tuckers parents moved to Iowa 3 years ago and we were so upset, but it is amazing how often we are able to see them - although we do put a lot of miles on are car in the meantime!!
Enjoy the sunny, warm day. And lets pray it lasts....

Shanna said...

I'm so glad it's spring there for you too! I love sidewalk chalk :)
It's too funny about my kids names - I often wondered how many people thought that's what they're names really are ;)
I suppose they are well suited for their intended purpose then!

diashermosos said...

Yay spring!! We have been having some lovely weather too. Hoping for all of us that it is finally here to stay:)
I'm sorry to hear your parents are moving, but I'm sure trips will happen often and how much fun you guys will have at the lake!
Hope you have a great rest of the week and God bless.

Rebecca said...

beautiful smiles! i love the pics of the girls in bed...too cute! i'm sorry to hear about your parents moving. i really know how hard that can be. i'm glad you can look forward to some fun times at the lake with them! i'll kepe you all in my prayers! you need to send some of that spring weather up here! it's still gray and chilly. i'm so ready for the warmth!