Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Eight

i can't believe i've consistently made my way to my blog every day for over a week now, signed in, and managed to post a list of incredible blessings and "thankfuls". this has been such a gift and beautiful help to my heart.

today, i am thankful for...

...a husband who is willing to share one bite of pumpkin pie to save me from consuming the calories of an entire piece.
...an impromptu trip to an indoor play park. how fun to spend some time getting to know MOPS moms i'd never met before AND to get to spend some quality time catching up with my dear friend Holly...AND for the kiddos to run off some energy.

...a plethora of blogs and websites with great, healthy recipe ideas. today's find (and, thus, tonight's dinner) was this Oven-Baked Butternut Squash, Kale, Mushrooms and White Beans with Pasta and Nutmeg Bechamel...yum! i'm also VERY thankful for elizabeth's love of vegetables...and her utter delight at finding mushrooms, etc. in dinner. i'm thankful that she ate 2 FULL bowls--love it when i work hard and my family appreciates it!

...grocery stores and the ability to run to grab one or two ingredients...i know this is something not everyone has!

...MY CRAWLING BABY BOY! seriously, in the past 24 hours luke has officially become a crawler...granted, it is still a bit more of an army crawler, but he gets where he wants to go, and he gets there FAST! and then he looks up at you, smiles, and takes off in the other direction. silly little guy!

...so many people who have invested in me...mentored me...discipled and taught me. as i've been heading to the Y to swim many mornings a week i am reminded of my high school days working at a pool...of hours and hours spent with my dear friend jill...who invested so much and built into my life (and who is now investing in my family!). love you jill! :) and there are so, so many others on that list...my parents, of course, but they deserve their very own post...youth pastors, campus life leaders, crusade staff, and on and on!

...learning to "let go" and raise the white flag of surrender when it comes to my house, my to-do list, my agenda...i feel like i am so behind...in everything (likely because I AM!)...but i am letting it go and simply savoring the moments (and working on that to-do list in between the "moments"!)

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Rebecca said...

that dinner dish looks so good. must try! i'm thankful for you!