Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Eight

finishing my TMS grading while at TMS...rather than sitting on my couch grading all night ;)
His grace as we move through busy Mondays
a 2 year old who couldn't get enough of the broccoli tonight...she was literally grabbing it, bite after bite, out of the serving bowl
that same 2 year old staying dry all day at TMS in the nursery! :)
learning to just "let it go" and say no...even to good things...when that is the right answer...those who know me well know that this is a big lesson and so huge for me...i hate to say "no"...i hate to miss out...and yet, sometimes, it is the right thing to do!
just being at home
little hands playing with their nativity set...talking about baby Jesus...the camel who is standing on the roof where the star goes right at this moment (Jesus has spent a lot of time up there as well!)
a bin full of Christmas stories...and snugly with my Libber girl to read some
an early to bed exhausted four year old
Luke's HUGE grin when he sees me come to pick him up at the end of a long Monday
outdoor Christmas lights...and getting to "see" them through the eyes of the excited six year old riding along with me
the soothing snore of just sounds right ;)

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Rebecca said...

sounds good. we had broccoli tonight, too...libbs was very into the broccoli :)