Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Seven

what a whirlwind weekend. my hubby's facebook status might have said it best...

Time with my family Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Cleaning, organizing, decorating for Christmas and a little more family time Saturday. Luke's dedication at church today, grandmommy and poppy time, laundry and prepping for Monday. Whew...

so much to be thankful for in the midst of it...

a slower, more relaxed Sunday morning than usual (9:45 service instead of our usual 8:00)

standing before our church community to dedicate ourselves to raising Luke in the truths and ways of the Lord

having my parent's make the trip down to be there with us and support us...which makes for a thankfulness for my parents, in general...i am so thankful for their love and support in my life...from the little years until now. they have encouraged, supported, loved, taught, and always been with me. and they love our kiddos so, so, so much and have been there to help, be involved, and walk with us through this crazy journey of parenthood!

pastor Don...who married mike and i and has dedicated each and every one of our four children...what an incredible gift he is to our church community!

fun wii playing time with the fam

folded laundry

a pantry full of groceries, beds to sleep in, a roof over our head to keep us warm and dry...all things we too often take for granted

jilly's love of helping me

a husband who helps with not only the folding of the laundry but also takes the initiative to get it in the washer and dryer and keep the process going...and not grudgingly...what a blessing!

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