Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Two

today i am thankful for...

...my sweet elizabeth's prayer tonight..."Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for me and my friends and all my family..."

...lots of slashes through items on my to-do list (and maintaining joy and involving the kiddos as we moved through them...definitely not perfectly...but so much better than some days!)

...macaroni and cheese

...rain that provides puddles to jump in :)

...great pics of our family...so blessed to have great photographers in the family now! :)...now to just get some hung on my walls! lol!

...getting the finishing touches put on a crafty Christmas present

...freshly stuffed cloth diapers (i know...i'm weird!)

...success with making better/more healthy lifestyle choices...both the working out AND the nutrition side of things. i'm thankful to be seeing results both on the scale and in my clothing.

...a husband who is willing to gently hold me accountable and lead me in better choices, partially just by doing life right alongside me

...gentle reminders from the Lord to stop and think on the right things--and to follow through with doing what is right!

...seeds of worship CDs...played loudly while cleaning

...the sweet, sweet singing of my kiddos (video on FB...i'm apparently too lazy to be adding much in the way of pics or video to these posts!)

...four babes piled on my lap (because, yes, they are all still babes after all!)

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