Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days Twenty and Twenty-One

i'm thankful for...

...the beautiful reality that God is both just AND kind

...the kindness of God that leaves room for repentance

...the library

...a sweet, singing and dancing, getting the hang of the potty girl...i know, i know, i've mentioned it before, but people...this is hugely beautiful and exciting

...crossing things off the to-do list protectors and dry erase markers...and the hours of entertainment they provide little girls when filled with dot-to-dots, mazes, hidden pictures and "school" pages

...baskets of folded laundry

...dinners that everyone eats without complaint--even if it is just sweet potatoes and chicken nuggets :)

...being caught up on my TMS grading and planning

...conversations with my mama

...a husband who tucked all the kiddos in last night and just let me take a break sweet elizabeth and the chance to spend some time alone with her yesterday...i love seeing her personality emerging and maturing...and she is just so much fun. :) i am thankful for her love of learning and reading and imagining and creating.

...the giggles of my girls as they play together...all three of them. today it was a running game of puppy obedience school with cleo, clifford, t-bone, and mac

...the way the girls hug and kiss and squeeze luke goodnight

...jilly's growing vocabulary...words are so much more helpful than tantrums! :)


...heat on a cool, drizzly day :)


Rebecca said...

very nice. also, the page protector and dry erase marker thing is genius!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

The potty thing and no complaints at dinner thing are so, so impressive to me. :)