Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Seventeen

starting my morning in the Word and on my knees...a good place to start! i am so thankful for His Word that instructs...daily...hour by hour...moment by moment...breath by breath. thankful this morning for the reminder that without Him my thinking quickly becomes "futile" and my heart "darkened"...that so often my wisdom is really, so thankful that i do not have to remain there, but that He is purpose and hope and light and that He is true wisdom! (romans 1:21-22)

little girls sleeping past seven

a warm shower

tasty, warm and uninterrupted MOPS brunch

the ministry of MOPS...the chance to simultaneously be encouraged, challenged, and convicted as a wife, mama, mother, follower of Christ, etc. AND do that for other mamas. i am especially thankful for the unique "flavor" of CPC MOPS...fully and completely centered on Jesus and the cross, no holds barred. this morning i am thankful for the refreshing reminders from our speaker as we look toward advent and Christmas

some jilly potty success (of both varieties--if you know what i mean!--lol)

little girlies in felted grandmommy slippers

a little boy with one more tooth as of that seven tooth grin! :) so many textures and colors...and the click of the needles in my hands as i knit, so soothing and relaxing

having friends over for homemade pizza night...which means LOTS of extra giggles and squeals and excitement...and some extra adult conversation :)

warm jammie pants :)

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Rebecca said...

so very nice, amanda. wish we didn't live so far apart...