Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Nine

tomorrow is the last day of november...oh my! what a blessing it has been to record all the little daily blessings that surround me. it is something my mind is growing trained to do. hooray!

today i am thankful for...

...fluffy white snow flakes
...a piggy tailed two year old shrieking "Pee-a-boo!" most of the time we were at the chiropractor (while wearing undies AND keeping them dry...i'm thankful for that still too!)

...time by myself at Starbucks...me, my Bible, my journal, a book, and a caramel apple spice
...the husband who sent me for alone time even after my "girl's night out" plans were canceled due to the snow and slush

...the Word...that it is living and active...that it pierces like a sword...that it is TRUE and relevant...that it transforms and brings hope
...elizabeth's tenacity and excitement (about what is sometimes totally "ordinary" to my 30something self!)

...kate's determination

...luke's giggle and toothy grin and exploratory curiosity

...jilly's love of life and enthusiasm

...my husband's hard work and diligence
...God's reminder that it is about what is on the INSIDE, not what is on the outside...i am thankful to be reminded that prioritizing Him, my husband, and my children is more important than the appearance of my house, what others might think of me, and on and on...this is HUGE people!
...making some headway in planning for school...both our school at home AND my classes at TMS
...the reality that i only have to take it ONE day at a time...or rather, one moment at a time, one hour at a time, etc.
...a good workout while jamming to some good loud praise music after a rough start to the morning
...the fact that tomorrow is a NEW day...with new grace and mercy (and in just the right measure!)


Dawna said...

I have loved all of these posts so much. I love your heart so much. I love you so much, friend! You are a blessing and inspiration to me.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

I just got caught up from the past week. LOVE these posts. And yes, I love what doing this is training out hearts to do!

I was really struck in this post about what you said about the Word of God. Living and active...that it pierces like a sword...that it is TRUE and relevant...that it transforms and brings hope. God has been impressing this upon my heart over and over. "It's alive! Run to it! It's a privilege! Don't begrudge your time reading it!" - That is the message He has been getting into my heart this year and I am truly falling in love with it (when my heart is in the right place).