Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Six

leftovers from after i posted day 5 :)

...freshly bathed babies (because truly they are all still my babies!) who smell fresh and baby-lotion-y

...jilly's love of "jumping" into her bed...a mommy assisted "power-jump"

...the extra hour of evening last night that allowed mike and i to play round after round of "hungry, hungry hippos" with the big girls...and tickle...and giggle...and read story after story

...a husband who picks up Chinese take-out on his way home from work

...a big ol' box of books and goodies from amazon arriving on my porch...also containing my replacement dough hook and flat beater for my kitchen-aid...meaning there must be some baking in order

and 6...a gorgeous and relaxing autumn Sunday

...taco soup...mmm...

...homemade pumpkin pie...and two cutie pies devouring it. :)

...spending the morning at church...where we have a wonderful community/ blessed to be a part of College Park Church. so thankful for friends who listen to my frustrations and struggles and turn my eyes back to Jesus. :)

...getting to briefly talk with my big sister on the phone. love you shell. :) and ran across the picture below when looking through a drawer. not sure if i have shared it before...but seriously love it...and whoa...hello jillian!

...having daddy home all day long. the girls were pretty excited to simply be with him...or pile on top of him :)

...singing with jilly at bedtime, her little face pressed right up to me slobbery fishy kisses and singing along with all her heart (although she really just repeats "Jesus Jesus Jesus love me me me me me" and "Bible"). precious girlie.

...a family swim at the Y this after naptime kiddos NOT waking me up at 5 a.m. because of the time change...they both slept till 6:30 (which would have really been 7:30 to their internal clock). and right now at 8:10 Kate is zonked and out like a light!

...the sound of clothes tumbling in the dryer...i know, strange...but i love that sound. it is oddly comforting and homey to me. :)


Rebecca said...

love it all, amanda! and the pic of libs and kate piled on mike is precious!

Carrie Smith said...

I'm loving your thankfulness posts! I also received a box from amazon this weekend containg books, a DVD and my own replacement paddle for my Kitchenaid mixer. Weird! It must be time for some serious baking around here!