Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five

i suppose this could be called the Thanksgiving edition of my thankfuls. :) we were able to spend a few fun days with Mike's family...we traditionally do Thanksgiving and Christmas with them during Thanksgiving weekend. now we are back home...oh how thankful i am for our home...and there is nothing like being away from home to make me remember how great our home really is. :)

as most of you remember, last year at this time jillian (and mike) had just been released from the hospital after her MRSA infection scare. i am oh so thankful for her health (well, all of our health, really!).

i am thankful for so, so many things...

full bellies
cooperative kiddos (i'm still thankful for them even if they don't cooperate...but i am thankful that they were cooperative!)
getting to see the world through their eyes...especially their delight over Christmas lights, sleeping bags, presents, playing games with aunts and uncles
turkey, pie, sweet potatoes, roast leg of lamb, bacon, baklava...yep, we ate WELL
safe, mostly calm travel
fresh air and the peace of being in the middle of nowhere
being away from the internet
time to read
dry undies--over 48 hours with only one accident--and i'm not talking about ME, people! LOL
our nebulizer to help our wheezy, congested little baby boy....and the fact that despite his cold he was still as happy, easygoing, and sweet as usual
mugho--who despite his age still has the ability to open a Christmas present without help :)
a new french press...can't wait for some coffee in the morning
grandmas and grandpas
aunts and uncles
the chance to play a me some games...don't get much time for them, though!
a husband who just got the tree up and fluffed while i sit here blogging--decorating comes tomorrow with the kiddos! :)
cameras and informal photoshoots with the fam

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Rebecca said...

sounds like such a nice weekend. and the photos are super sweet.