Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Ten

today i am thankful for...

...grace and forgiveness that is new every morning

...the truth that when i feel desperate i can cry-out and know that my Savior hears (AND is already there!)

...a two year old who yells "pee pee!" and comes running...even if she has already "done the deed" least it is a step in the right direction!

...a MOPS steering team that prays and laughs and encourages and supports

...connecting with friends face to face and voice to voice...texting and e-mails are all well and good, but nothing beats a real life "checking in to say hi"

...a mama who knits fabulously warm felted slippers

...the sheer delight and excitement of little girls seeing the season's first fluffy flakes of snow falling from the sky

...a warm house

...a baby boy who babbles both "mama" and "dadda" quite proficiently and regularly now

..."Friday" night coming early...mike is off tomorrow, so tonight the big girls got to stay up late playing games and hanging out...but i must admit, i am thankful that all four kiddos are now snugly tucked in bed!


Rebecca said...

lovely...just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Are everyone's felted slippers holding up OK? Bet some of the doggies will fit Luke this winter, eh? Glad you enjoy them so much!