Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Three

have i mentioned that i love this? that throughout the day i catch myself searching for moments...moments to simply savor and give thanks...

and there are many of those many...when i really stop to look...when i refocus my perspective and set my heart on JOY and PRAISE and BLESSING...rather than on hard and tired and ick.

today i am thankful for...

1-four fleecy pajama clad kiddos gathered 'round me while i read book after book after book last night. luke might have attempted to take a bite or two out of a few pages...but he did smile and giggle and grab.

2-the arrival of the Lowes delivery truck in front of my house...and new dishwasher. elizabeth and kate were SO excited to watch the guys unload it! :)

3-MOPS...and specifically a meeting this morning that reminded me of all of the many things i have to be thankful for
*a consistent home with a warm bed and dressers full of clothing
*the support of my family and friends
*an education
*a husband who LOVES me, SUPPORTS me, and is ALWAYS there
*MORE than i could ever need in the way of material possessions to meet my physical needs

and i am thankful that God is moving and working, intervening and changing hearts in the lives of many, many, many women who don't have those basic things...who don't have a place to call home...a friend to call for help....and on and on. praise God for the ministry of heartchange.

4-a diet coke and the chance to sit down and reflect for a few minutes during rest-time

5-the rain outside my window...and the fact that in a season of lots of over-time, it meants we will have daddy home a bit early and have him with us for a few extra hours this evening


Dawna said...

Daddy at home is the best, isn't it?! So happy that you are surrounded by things to be thankful for. I think of you and pray for you every day. xoxo

Rebecca said...

lovely, lovely. i'm enjoying this as well. it does the heart good to purposefully be thankful!

btw...what devotional are you doing with your girls?

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

A new dishwasher... in this season of endless dishes. I can only imagine the pure joy that brought to your home!! :)

I am loving this too. The intentional pausing and notating of all things overly abundant in our lives!! We are blessed. {Thank you Jesus!!}