Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Eighteen and Nineteen

successful potty training days

our own steam vac for the not so successful mornings of potty training ;)

leftovers...and the fact that it means a break from cooking

an hour and a half by myself at starbucks to do some work

progress many beautiful, wonderful friends to do life with...specifically i am thankful for all the noise and giggles of extra friends filling our house yesterday afternoon...just because. it means that my kids have great friends to do life with, and it means that i had the chance to just chat with one of my sweet friends

potato soup...mmmm--i'm also thankful for the "know-how" to substitute and tweak recipes to fit the tastes of my family :)

jilly's potty is oh-so-cute! (and listening to her big sisters' share in her successes and cheer her on!)

a husband who puts together dressers :)

sweet little "just because" notes in the mail

the silly things my kiddos say...elizabeth: talking about her slippers grandmommy knit for her. "riley, my grandmommy knit these out of sheeps for me...don't worry the wool was dyed wasn't a green sheep...i wish there were green sheep though...i really like sheep!"

a new camera...just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas

winding up a music box my daddy gave me each evening when i put luke and jilly in bed

spending time relaxing and watching a movie with my hubby...and knitting away on some Christmas presents--which i think i'll go do right now!


Rebecca said...

potty training success is awesome! still working Nadia...she never tells us when she has to go...

sounds like a nice day :)

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Girl - your posts are so beautiful and authentic. Not too over the top flowery-fake in thankfulness (for you share the not so successful moments of potty training too...). ;)

Such a real life thankfulness shines through your words.

SO much good... new cameras and starbucks make my heart go pitter patter.. :)