Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Seven

today i am thankful for...

...a job doing something i love with an incredible group of students...not only does it provide an extra little source of income, but it provides me with a great outlet and a chance to use my skills, experience, and love of teaching

...getting to hear all about my sweet girls' exciting days.

...elizabeth shrieking "MOMMY!" joyfully the second she saw me in the pick-up line at the end of the day <3

...going to Costco by myself for a bit after my classes were done...nice to wander with a diet Coke (and just maybe i found some Christmas gift goodies)

...being almost finished with my Christmas shopping

...the prospect of a crafty morning with a couple of friends tomorrow

...laminators (odd...but seriously, the one-time-elementary-education/daughter of an elementary teacher just likes laminating....and i can't wait to start cutting my laminated items...i know, so weird...but i love cutting laminated stuff!)

...a text reminder from a sweet friend who prays for our family every monday...what a priceless gift

...a baby boy who made honest to goodness, real, true forward motion in his crawling endeavors today...and, i must admit, while i am thankful for this, it is so bittersweet--slow down baby boy, it is going TOO fast!

...jilly's "i love you" as i tucked her in bed <3

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