Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Two

what a blessing to see the many, many people on facebook and blogs who are jumping into this 30 day opportunity to focus on minds on all the praiseworthy and beautiful things in our lives.

today i am thankful for so, so, so many things...

1. the freedom to home-school--it most certainly isn't always easy, but what a blessing to be the one sitting next there watching them "get it" hear jillian shouting "TWO" when i ask what comes after watch her little fingers trying to stick it on the calendar. what a joy to sit with my girlies around the table (oh my...another thankful, so thankful for the fabulous table we were given by friends who were done with it--and the great chairs my mama found and gifted to us!) and do a brief devotional before school starts and then to watch them dance around the room to the song that goes with it. i know--home-school isn't for everyone...and we have no idea what the future of homeschooling is for our family in the coming years, but regardless, i am so thankful for the freedom to make my own choice in this area!

2. watching my three precious girlies dump every single dress-up item we own on the floor and outfit each other. buzz lightyear and snow white are now happily playing upstairs while a pretty princess takes a nap.

3. a smiling, almost constantly happy baby boy...what an incredible and precious gift. he is really and truly amazing.

4. vacuum lines in the carpet...sometimes its the little things in life...even if they will only last until just after rest-time when the little whirlwinds come back downstairs.

5. gorgeous sunshine, unseasonably warm air, and autumn colored leaves lazily blowing across the yard


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh vacuum lines on the carpet! Yes, yes, yes. ;)

Dawna said...

Great list, Amanda. I am thankful for you! xoxo, Dawna

Jennifer said...

Vacuum lines! I love those and am so sad we have berber (however it's spelled) and wood because what's the point of vacuuming without the lines? :)