Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Fourteen

today i am thankful for...

...a break. yep...a break. the end of our school day at Masters today marked the beginning of what i have declared as Thanksgiving break...two whole weeks. :) we're going to enjoy some time with friends...lots of playing and crafting and reading and being together...and some potty boot camp for jillian. and, oh my, am i ever ready for a bit of a break! :)

...a girl's night out with a dear, sweet of those friends who just knows you...the kind of conversation where you are both reminded and encouraged to press love Jesus and do the right thing regardless of busyness, etc. :) and i love that with this particular friend we can go far too long between getting together (far, far, far too long...which is what happens when between us there are 7 kids age 6 and below!) and yet we can pick up like we just chatted yesterday. :)

...the way my elizabeth girl is so delighted with her teachers. so sweet to hear her little voice calling out hi to them...hugging them....smiling and excited as she talks to them.

...getting to peer in and watch kater-girl in her element during her preschool day...smiling, laughing, coming out of her shell.

...handprint turkeys and handprint trees covering my fridge

...sandals in mid-november! :) (actually it isn't rare that i would wear sandals in november...but today it was 70 actually warm enough to wear sandals without freezing!).

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Rebecca said...

a break sounds fantastic...we'll be having one after thanksgiving as i haven't ordered everything we need for the 2nd part of the year yet...yikes!
your kids are so precious. you are so beautiful!