Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twelve

i am so incredibly thankful for our church...the building, yes, but by Church i truly do mean the people...the community and body of believers. what a blessing to gather every Sunday and hear Truth...encouraging, convicting, hope giving. i am thankful for the dear and wonderful people who serve in the nursery, caring for and teaching our children (and being able to serve others in that way when it is our turn!). i am thankful for my squirmy elizabeth and kate, sitting in the sanctuary with us. specifically today i am reminded of just how thankful i am for GRACE....for the gospel and the way it transforms my life. beautiful.

i am also thankful for...

being snuggled under warm covers in my house this morning while the wind whipped around outside

the quickly changing leaves (now reddish and golden) on the trees in front of our house...they are some of the last leaves holding strong, as most around us have fallen and been raked away

Costco...silly perhaps...but really i am thankful for it!

hand me downs for miss elizabeth...and hearing all the giggling girls when v and her daddy dropped them off

luke's love of table food...dude chowed down on two servings of homemade chicken potpie tonight!

end of the season orchard apples filling our fridge...and our bellies!

shopping for some sweet tiny baby girl clothes for a shower this week

skinny cow ice cream sandwiches (just might have to have me one right now!)

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