Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twelve

a sweet, warm, snugly four year old crawling under the covers with us this morning

the chance to wander through jo-anns by myself for a bit

spending loads of one on one time with my jilly-girl this morning (who i might mention did manage to successfully use the potty a few times--and i'm thankful for that progress as well!)...she is so sweet and silly and smiley and smart and fun. i love so much of this two year old-ness...oh to bundle up her amazement and wonder and new words and cuddly-ness.

the wholesomeness and satisfaction of making something from it was milling some wheat, cooking and pureeing a pie pumpkin, and making whole wheat pumpkin millet chocolate chip muffins. the process is just satisfying...and the result was pretty tasty too!

a two hour nap (FOR ME!)...praise the Lord!

jilly's adoration of luke...from the moment she wakes until they go to bed at night <3...she shares toys...she talks to him...she tries to feed him...she finds his toys and brings them to precious!

little girlies licking ice cream cones and giggling and grinning...and a little dude who was really digging my teriyaki chicken fried rice...he searched and combed and managed to get every last rice and veggie morsel into his mouth...and then stared longingly at ice cream cones...and bless my sweet jilly's heart, "luke's...luke's ice cweam?"


a playroom that still looks as good now as it did yesterday afternoon...even after three little girls played in it!


Rebecca said...

how nice. and oh jo-ann's...i sure miss having a craft store in town! your kids are so sweet, amanda! i'm glad you got some time to yourself AND a nap!

Rebecca said...

ps...loving the "cold tangerines" book. i had never heard of it until a friend sent it to me.